Our services

For the United Foundation, the conception of being healthy has motivated the development of tasks focused on improving the well-being and harmony of people, understood not only from the physical plane but also transcending deeper and diverse fields such as mental and spiritual health, so that the accompaniment goes from the cure to the education.

The United Foundation develops humanistic programs through health care in communities, starting from the research of the real needs of people, starting from the management of an alternative medical history that takes into account energy concepts, the five elements: nature, reason for consultation, current illness, personal history, family history and physical examination.

In the United Foundation the disease is considered as an experience of disharmony that generates energy blocks expressed in different symptoms and signs. The treatments allow an harmonization of the individual from traditional knowledge inherited from China, India and Native Americans, according to the contributions of the sciences, it is sought that energy flows through different and complementary treatments to Western medicine.

Comprehensive Health Services

The integral service in health consists of taking into account the biological, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions in the moment of attending a patient. We coordinate efforts that allow us to provide care in general and alternative medicine services

Our services do not have a rate determined by the institution, it is the user who determines it.


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