Our Programs

The programs developed by the United Foundation are linked together in order to provide health and wellness services to the community holistically. The Foundation has become a space to experience alternative methods of personal development that benefit the environment of the individual and the group in which it participates.

Dialogue of knowledge

We promote the exchange of information and knowledge between Western and Eastern culture. Between popular and scientific knowledge. We publish publications that promote personal care in a natural way. We have made the primer the First Aid Kit and the Natural First Aid Kit.

Community action

We develop direct care programs in popular schools, in particular for children with learning problems, irritability and anger.

Training in communities, with a view to enabling increased self-reliance, self-determination and self-management to enable them to meet their basic needs: being, having, doing and being.

Training and participation with volunteers to carry out our activities with the communities.

PRASAD - Sacred Food

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The PRASAD Project «Sacred Food» that the United Foundation has been promoting part of the idea that to achieve a harmonious, happy and healthy life in the community it is necessary to follow the universal principles of mutual service, spontaneous cooperation, love for one another and personal development work on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
Faced with the unavoidable need of many people in the community who are hungry and knowing the large amount of food lost in the city for lack of who picks it up, process and provide it free of charge; We proposed in partnership particulars and non-profit organizations to carry out this task on a regular basis.

The General Objective is to provide nourishing food to people in vulnerable communities. The specific objectives are to enable volunteers of the Foundation to participate with their service in this task in any part of the process. Obtain donations in food in the market places of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes or money for the purchase of inputs (gas, disposable, etc.) for the accomplishment of the task.

Allow the cooperation of institutions, organizations and even people of the community to develop the task. To promote values ​​of use of food, care for the environment, to benefit people who are not in a state of destitution but who find themselves in a state of need and access to this food.

We have the support of:

Members of Self-Realization Fellowship.
Sentry Systems S.A.S.
Fraternity Foundation
National Open and Distance University: UNAD
Professors of the University of Antioquia
The United Foundation.

Children Harmonics

This program is done individually at our headquarters and schools that request it; Supporting directly the students with learning difficulties and / or relational, is done through techniques of pediluvio, metamorphic massage, aroma therapy, moxibustion and music therapy. Over the last ten years we have seen the impact on school climate change.

Successful Young People

Through the value of trust, young people can built a better future, since this is a necessary condition for learning; it involves introspection about fears and uncertainty, which inhibit the ability of any individual to cope with their problems in daily life. In this way, a set of practices that seek to stimulate solidarity, love and respect are built to build trust. To achieve this, the activities proposed are based on group and individual support, reinforcement of academic knowledge, with the contribution of the didactic methods (intelligent reading and mathematical thinking) of Ventura Fontán Corporation and alternative techniques (introduction to meditation, astrology Occupational, medicine, polarity, reiki, ludic activities, etc.)


Experience alternative methods of personal development that benefit the environment of the individual and the group in which they participate.
The term yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning union. Traditionally yoga has been a method of uniting the individual being with the divinity, the universal spirit or the cosmic consciousness through a set of practices.  At the physical level yoga postures are called asanas, which are designed to tone, strengthen and align the body, making the spine more flexible and healthy and favoring the flow of blood to all organs, glands and tissues, in order to maintain Healthy body systems.At the mental level, yoga uses techniques of breathing, pranayamas, and meditation, in order to reassure, clarify and discipline the mind, improving attention, concentration and willpower.
Yoga increases overall health and physical stability, reducing stress and improving the disorders generated by a sedentary lifestyle. It has the advantage of being a low impact activity that only uses gravity as resistance.
It can be practiced by people of any age and physical condition initially under the direction of a trained instructor.
Relaxation therapy encompasses a number of methods that reduce distress, get rid of tension in the body through a state of calm and mental peace. Among the most widely used methods are progressive relaxation, controlled key relaxation, breathing exercises, directed images and also biofeedback.
Massage is the specific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body in order to normalize them. It consists of a comprehensive set of manual techniques. It helps to rebalance internal energy, foundation of personal well-being, promotes relaxation and satisfies the need for contact (The need to be touched, accepted, pampered, recognized and cared for).
Meditation is a practice of silence and stillness whose objective is the deep concentration on some aspect of God (Goodness, justice, protection, creativity, etc.), awakening a spirit of joy and peace in the participants.


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