Welcome to the United Foundation 

The United Foundation is a non-profit organization whose corporate purpose is to work for the most vulnerable people in society, to provide services to the community aimed at the development and improvement of the human being, always trying to offer well-being and harmony with himself And with their environment in the emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions.

The Foundation works to improve the quality of life of people, the accomplishment of tasks that tend to dignify and assert our equality status. To project the importance of maintaining a sense of physical and spiritual well-being establish and maintain the balance between the individual and his environment.

We work for you to have more harmonic relationships 

with yourself 

with your family 

with your social environment 

with the environment

Our services

Alternative medicine


Therapeutic massage

Courses and conferences

The Foundation works to improve the quality of life of people by performing tasks that tend to dignify and enforce equality and inclusion.

What our patients and volunteers say

Sara Pérez

«For me the service is to be 100% willing to that person who is in need of that help from others»

Gladys Gallego

«The United Foundation is being constituted as a space of friendship and unity»

Luisa Tobón

«The service is worth it when you understand that it is done from love»


Calle 56 No. 39-13 Boston, Medellín - Colombia. Línea de información : 4089611 - 3107882797 - 3053124346.- Telefax: 527 7507 - Mail: funidasorg24@gmail.com